The Six Paramitas

The Six Paramitas (Perfections)

1. Generosity: Giving: of property, of Dharma, of refuge, of active love.

2. Moral Ethics (Morality): 1) Protection of our body, speech, and mind from performing unskilful deeds., 2) protect others in the same way we protect ourselves, 3) when we perform any skillful deed, this protects us from performing any unskillful ones.

3. Patience: When we are harmed by others when we are suffering, of keeping concentration.

4. Perseverance (Energy): Energy of the mind that stops the desire for unprofitable things, energy that protects us from tiredness, confidence that we are not too small, weak, or stupid to obtain the Dharma practice.

5. Meditation Concentration

6. Wisdom

Smile and be well!


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