Quang Trí

Quang Trí, meaning “Clear Mind” is the name I received during my taking of the Three Refuges and Five Precepts ceremony tonight. After years of study and actually practicing for a year, I’m so glad I found a Sangha and a Teacher to “settle down” with and ask for the ceremony.

I accepted and vowed to all five precepts – because you don’t have to take all five. Out of the three of us in the ceremony, I was the only one to vow to abstain from intoxicants! Of course that doesn’t make me better, but because I don’t really drink much or “want” to drink, I feel like it’s “no big deal” to abstain from something I rarely do anyway.

Next Sunday the temple is celebrating Vesak, Prince Siddhartha’s birthday! This will be my first official Buddhist celebration! We’ll be having the traditional ceremonial chanting, followed by a talk by our head monk, and ending with a vegetarian lunch. So it should be real exciting! Though it’s going to be hot outside, but since it’s at 9:30am I’m hoping it won’t be too bad.


Smile and be well!


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