Practicing mindfulness

Question: “Hey! I am doing my best to practice moment to moment mindfulness even when I am off of meditation sessions. The thing is that at times my mindfulness seems so weak, even non-existent and it causes me frustration. Sometimes I think that I am not using the right “method.” Any advice?”

Well if you’re noticing your mindfulness being wear and you getting frustrated, that’s mindfulness right there! It is legitimately impossible to be mindful ofevery step, breath, bite, sip, thought, sigh, feeling, and movement we take. It’s ridiculous to even attempt to. That’s not the point of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness doesn’t mean watch over yourself like a prisoner 24/7. It means to take small portions of time to bring yourself back to the present moment to watch your thoughts and breath. And in more “mundane” time, to be mindful of when we’re walking to our car, driving, eating food or drinking, and to actually feel and taste these things so that we can enjoy them.

Work smarter, not harder; don’t force yourself to be mindful, simply just be mindful and you will naturally be aware over time.


Smile and be well!



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