Om Vajrasattva Hum

Om Vajrasattva Hum is the short version of the 100 Syllable Mantra (below). The Vajrasattva mantra is a purification mantra. Traditionally chanted 21 times daily to purify negative Karma. But if short of time, the short version (Om Vajrasattva Hum) can be chanted.

It took me a while to memorize this mantra. I’m pretty good at pronunciation, so it was just learning the mantra that took time. The second half of it was the hard part, but I recommend everyone learn this mantra by heart and recite it everyday, or at least whenever possible! Even if it’s just the short version.

The spelling and separation or connection of words and letters might be different than traditionally found when you Google it, but I’ve written it in the way that is easiest to read and chant.

Om Vajrasattva Samaya
Manu Palaya
Vajrasattva Deno Pa
Tito Dido May Bhawa
Suto Kayo May Bhawa
Supo Kayo May Bhawa
Anu Rakto May Bhawa
Sarwa Sidhi May Paryasta
Sarwa Karma Sutsa May
Tsitam Shriyam Kuru Hum
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho
Bhagawan Sarwa Tathagata
Vajra Ma May Mutsa
Vajra Bhawa Maha
Samya Sattva Ah


O Vajrasattva honour the agreement!
Reveal yourself as the vajra-being!
Be steadfast for me!
Be very pleased for me!
Be fully nourishing for me!
Be passionate for me!
Grant me all success and attainment!
And in all actions make my mind more lucid!
ha ha ha ha hoḥ
O Blessed One, vajra of all those in that state, don’t abandon me!
O being of the great contract be a vajra-bearer!

The pronunciation is different to each culture and country. Tibetans pronounce Vajrasattva as Benza satva. So it’s a good idea to listen to different versions to see what’s easiest for you or what sounds the best. For the most part, I pronounce and chant this mantra similar to how they’re chanting it in this video. The video is a whole discussion, but the chanting starts at 1:00 and runs three times and ends at 2:20. Though I don’t end the mantra with “Hum Peh” like in the video. It is believed that Hum and Peh are added depending on certain circumstances, however I haven’t found much information on it yet, so I just don’t say it.

Smile and be well!

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