Letting go of ego

Question: “How would you go through the process of letting go of ego? And bringing the true self to the surface. I’ve been suffering with this for awhile and it’s eating away at my soul.”

Practice! Our ego is is the failure and success of our lives. It creates and feeds our desires and greed, which ultimately leads us to suffering (dissatisfaction). To eradicate ego, we practice non-attachment, to things, people and ideas. We must let go of the idea that we’re somehow the best of the best, the highest, most honored one of all… Well, we’re not. Not even close. Not even the President has that status. Presidents become Presidents because they have the money to fulfill a campaign and win people over, but there are dozens of other people who can’t afford a campaign that would probably be much better at the job. So we must remember there is always, always someone better than us.

Then we must detach from our ideas of self and others, rid the opinions and stereotypes of a certain group of people or things. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but it must be opinion based on wisdom, not mere superficial observance.

Meditate on yourself. Cultivate compassion for yourself. Come to a realization that this body, this name and personality is not truly you. Your body is only a new vessel of a new life. Your name is only a title your parents gave you to distinguish you from others. Your personality is something that grows and changes according to your environment. Nothing is truly real and permanent, so we must overcome that notion. Meditation is key and must be practiced diligently with self-discipline.


Smile and be well!


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