Karma: Why are some people more fortunate than others?

Question: “Why do some people possess a personality with a higher sense of consciousness while others don’t? Why do some people seem to be born all good and know the right thing to do?”


The actions of our past lives determine our present life, and the actions of our present life determine the causes for our next life. People who are wealthy in this life must of given many donations in their last life, so this life they were born in a very fortunate life. Others that are born in poverty, were probably greedy and selfish in their last life, so they are reaping the consequences.

It is an endless circle of cause and effect. Do good, get good. Do bad, get bad. No one or thing is controlling your karma. Only you control your karma. So it’s important to live a compassionate and generous life now so you can gain the positive consequences.

The effect of any positive or negative karma could happen in one of three ways: in this life, the very next life, or in one of the future lives after the next life. Because of that, some people might think, “Hell, if I’m not going to reap the benefits of or consequences now, I might as well do whatever I want!” Sure you can do that, but any negative thought, speech or action will further the “finish line” of enlightenment.

Even if you don’t get to benefit of any of the good you do in this life, your next life will be so much better! It’s a sad feeling that you “won’t know” your future life, but when the time comes for your enlightenment, you will be able to look back to all your future lives and see this life that you committed to devote your life to compassion, love and generosity. You will be thankful you didn’t choose a path that will lead you to an unfortunate rebirth and be set back farther.

Smile and be well!


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