Is anything independent of karma?

Question: “Is anything independent of karma?”

Not even karma is independent of karma! If you can point to something with 100% certainty and say “this happened all on its own, without any external help,” then that would be the exception. But there’s no such thing.

Everything comes from something. Nothing can happen on its own. There are always causes and it comes with effects. We might think that flowers or plants sprout and blossom all on its own, but there are sometimes unseen factors in play. All plants need soil, water, nutrition, and sun to grow. Our homes need the wood that came from trees that needed water, sun, and soil. The wood needed to be cut, so there are workers that were born from their parents that put them to school. The workers needed to learn how to cut down the trees and cut them into pieces. Then the builders of the home also needed their parents and job to build the house. And so on and so forth. The list is infinite.

Even our own universe came from something. Everything has a cause and effect. Nothing is independent and nothing is free from karma.


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