How do I tell my family that I am now practicing Buddhism?

Question: “I have recently decided to become Buddhist however my family keep telling me to go to church.I haven’t told them yet as I’m sure they will be upset and say I’m too young to be making such big decisions (I’m 18 btw) and will just disregard it.I have no dislike or hate towards Christianity, it’s just that I’ve never been into the faith and rather was one because of my family. How do I tell my family about my conversion without there being an uproar or arguments?”

I’m very adamant about the need to not tell people, friends, or family that you are now Buddhist. If one thinks that by having the “title” of Buddhist makes them a Buddhist, then they are most certainly not a Buddhist. A major point in Buddhist practice is to eradicate our ego and ignorance, and that includes any and all titles we may have; including male, female, old, young, straight, gay, black, white, Buddhist, Christian, etc.

Telling people we are now a Buddhist or that we are practicing or studying Buddhism doesn’t make us special. It makes us ignorant. The best way to “tell” people we are Buddhist is by simply just practicing. When we study and practice Buddhism, and cultivate positive virtues, loving-kindness, and compassion – those qualities will shine and people will see that and then wonder why. At that time. when/if questioned, we may state that we are a Buddhist. So the best way to tell people is to show them. Our actions speak louder than words and titles.


Smile and be well!


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