Happy Vesak!

Today my Temple celebrated Vesak (Phật Đản); the birth, Enlightenment, and death of Sakyamuni Buddha. Though the ceremony was mostly in Vietnamese, regardless, it was a beautiful and Enlightening celebration. And being able to bathe baby Buddha was such an uplifting and joyous experience.

photo 1

photo 2

Smile and be well!

2 comments on “Happy Vesak!
  1. My temple (also Vietnamese) celebrated Phật Đản today. I’m really glad I didn’t miss!

    In following your blog, I hadn’t yet realized that you too were going to a Vietnamese temple. I started going in September and am only starting to learn little bits of the language here and there. You have any advice? Ha!

    Have a great Vesak, my friend!

    • Happy Vesak! I’m glad you were able to attend and celebrate it! I’ve only been going to this temple since February. Our Sunday services are in English (thankfully!) and so are our chants. Though after today, I felt like I really need to learn some Vietnamese! Hah. Our nun doesn’t speak much English (not that we talk to her much or anything, but sometimes she joins us for dinner after the service). Anyway, the language seems like it would be a challenge. It’s very different and seems tricky, but I’ve been trying to learn some conversational sentences online as a start.

      Smile and be well!

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