Finding happiness in life

Question: “I don’t find happiness in life anyone. To be real I haven’t found happiness most of my life. I’ve been struggling since day one and I don’t know what I should do. I want to vanish.”

I don’t think that’s entirely true. True happiness is very subtle, almost unnoticeable if we’re not mindful. Most children are very happy. They grow up seeing the world through pure, unbiased eyes, and get excited over the most mundane things. As we get older of course, the reality of adulthood can become extremely overwhelming and almost unmanageable.

You might not always remember happy days or recognize the happiness you have now, but happiness and peace is all around us. If you’re searching for happiness through material things or with people, that is the most temporary happiness. Because those things will eventually get destroyed and people will change, age, get sick, and die. All causing great suffering.

I’m sure a lot of people have the feeling of just wanting to “vanish,” but is that really going to help? If you leave a place where happiness can be found, to a place where happiness cannot be found, what’s the point? You will cause more suffering than relief, to you, and to your friends and family. I would seek professional help if wanting to “vanish” is at all on your mind.

We have to look at the world through a child’s eye to the happiness that’s all around us. Be mindful and happy of a cool looking rock or a stick. Be happy to see baby ducks following their mother. Be happy to see grass or flowers sprouting in harsh or random conditions, like through a sidewalk or on the road. When you wake up be happy you’re alive for another day. Be happy you are able to take comfortable breaths, have good eyes to see, ears to listen, mouth to taste, and functional body to do tasks that many cannot.

If you live your life mindfully, you will see the beauty and happiness in everything.

Smile and be well!


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