Do’s and Don’ts when visiting a Buddhist temple

It’s always important no matter what religious place you go to, to always be respectful, whether you’re a religious or spiritual person or not. Many temples will have a sign or brochure that has some “Temple etiquette” rules. If not here are some general do’s and don’t’s:

• Take off your shoes before entering the Temple.
• Bow when entering the Temple.
• Bow when monks/nuns walk into the room.
• Wear respectable clothing (no beach-ware) – wearing pants or shorts below the knee is ideal, or skirts for the ladies.
• If taking pictures with a statue, keep your head below the statue’s head – being on one knee is respectable.
• Keep quiet.
• When getting up during meditation or service, stand up while bowing until you’re somewhat distant from the center of everything/everyone.
• Address the monk(s)/nun(s) as “Venerable,” unless you know exactly what the Sangha addresses them.

• Point at Buddha statues, monks, or nuns, especially with your feet.
• Wear “beach clothes,” including tank tops and revealing clothing.
• ABSOLUTELY NO touching of the monks, nuns, or the heads of statues.
• Be loud.
• Show any public displays of affection.
• Bring kids if they don’t know how to zip it.
• Wear heavy perfume or cologne.
• Be chatty with monks/nuns.
• Disrupt, including taking pictures of ceremonies, events, or meditation sessions.
• Spit.
• Litter.
• Place texts or prayer sheets directly on the floor.


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