Dalai Lama on Homosexuality

Question: “I’ve read that the Dalai Lama is not okay with homosexuality. Is it true? And why so?”

He’s not okay with homosexuality in Buddhism. He quotes, “from society’s viewpoint, mutually agreeable homosexual relations can be of mutual benefit, enjoyable, and harmless.” But he considers homosexuality in Buddhism to be “sexual misconduct.” However, the rule can also cross over to heterosexuals because the rule forbids oral and anal sex, and masturbation. Though the “no homosexual” rule is only in Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism).

The Buddha never commented or make any remarks towards homosexuals. He viewed everyone to be equal and everyone was equally qualified to gain Enlightenment, gay or straight. Monastics are vowed to be celibate, so whether you’re gay or straight doesn’t really matter because  you won’t be having any sex anyway! For lay people following the five precepts, Sexual Misconduct doesn’t mean no sex, it means no sex with someone you shouldn’t be having sex with. You can ask yourself, “Would I like this if someone did this to me?” “Does the act cause harm and regret instead of benefit and joy?” “Will the act harm or benefit the attainment of liberation?” “Is the act motivated by love, generosity, and understanding?”

Basically the issue of homosexuality is only in some Tibetan traditions. Otherwise, it’s not an important issue or a relevant one.

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