Correcting bad karma

Question: “I’ve made a lot mistakes in my 21 year old life. Yeh try say it’s young but I’ve done a lot of bad things. And I know it’s an excuse but never to intentionally hurt anyone, I just end hurting them. Is life now not working out for me because of my mistakes? What is the buddhist view of karma and why I might not be getting my blessing yet I can see them so close?”

We aren’t born as saints or with a saint-like mind. We are nurtured and a certain mindset is created based on our environment and culture. So sometimes while we are in a certain place in our life where we can’t necessarily see “the big picture” of our own lives or the world around us, so we continue doing what we think is “okay,” which might include violence and anger. As we get older and hopefully wiser, we begin to start seeing the bigger picture and the mistakes and negativity we’ve made.

Yes, karma has something to do with it, but not everyone is because of karma. Once we’re able to accept our own mistakes and consequences of the negative or bad things we’ve done in life, we can start to correct them. Just like with credit, it’s so easy to stop paying bills and neglecting your finances, and your credit soars to the bottom – but then it’s hard to bring it back up and takes years to correct your past mistakes.

Likewise, it’s easy to create negative or bad karma, but then you have to do enough good karma to make up for, cover up and clear out the bad karma. By practicing on the right path with a right view and right intention, you can begin to eradicate any bad deeds of the  past with the good deeds of the present.


Smile and be well!


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