Pure Land Rebirth Dhāraṇī

namo amitābhāya tathāgatāya tadyathā amṛtabhave amṛtasaṃbhave amṛtavikrānte amṛtavikrānta gāmini gagana kīrtīchare svāhā

The Meaning of OM

Question: “Do you know anything about the OM symbol and what it means? I heard things like its the...

The Great Compassion Mantra

This Sanskrit version of The Great Compassion Mantra, Nilakantha Dharani, or Mahakaruna Dharani, is a popular mantra also associated...

The Awakening Mind

This is a chant mostly chanted in Vajrayana Buddhism, however, for any Mahayana (including Vajrayana) practitioner who aspires to be...

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