Can anyone chant the green tara mantra?

Questions: “Can anyone chant the green tara mantra?

Of course! The Green Tara mantra a beautiful mantra. Though it’s Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism) mantra; typically you visualize the deity and recite the chant, or visualize yourself as the embodiment of the deity while you chant to reach Enlightenment faster. There are several reasons and ways that are used for visualizations and reciting this mantra.

But those reasons aside, it’s a lovely mantra to recite during meditation, walking, driving, at work, or to just keep you focused and concentrated when doing something. I’m not practicing Tibetan Buddhism, but sometimes I chant the Vajrasattva mantra because of the concentration and mindfulness it gives me. I like to chant it when I walk my dog because it distracts me from yelling at my dog to hurry up!


Smile and be well!


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