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My name is Quang Trí, meaning ‘Clear Mind.’ I’ve been a spiritual person the majority of my life. Ever since I was 14 years old I “left” my born-with religion and soul searched for something that actually made sense to me and meant something to me. Ever since then, I read and researched almost every major world religion. Eventually this search lead me to Buddhism.

I have been meditating since 2002 and a Buddhist since 2006. Let’s tell a story: when I first started my study, I was studying Theravada Buddhism. So much so, that I was getting ready to ordain in Thailand, a dominantly Theravadan country. One day during meditation, I’m not sure if I fell asleep and I was dreaming or if it was simply an actual visualization, but a heavenly being (or at least what seemed to be) appeared to me and told me, “on this path, you shall find liberation in one small Kalpa, but change the path and you will help many others find liberation in one small Kalpa.”

So I took that as a sign. A sign of the Bodhisattva Way. Though Theravada is considered the “me only” way to liberation, not everyone wants to wait around for millions of lifetimes being a Bodhisattva and Enlightening others, so a lot of people choose Theravada. However, I feel I’m forever a teacher, a truth seeker, a Dharma preacher, and an aspiring Bodhisattva.

This blog is my way of helping others seek and find knowledge and wisdom. A way to help, learn, and grow their spiritual journey, whether it be a Buddhist path or not. This is my contribution to the world to find peace, joy, and liberation.

If you have any questions to ask or want guidance, feel free to ask away!

Smile and be well!
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha


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